This space is dedicated to our old Abyssinian kittens born in 2O15.

On each staff is the name of the parents,by clicking on it you will be able to access the detailed card of the parents of each kitten. (except for Hasta which was outwardly projecting).

If you have any questions you can contact me via the online form. 

Abyssinians of love, abyssinians always ! 

BABIES 2015 

Parents : Rothschild Silver / Isy White Silver

Birth 25 August 2015

Lancelot of Addis Abeba (Lucky)

Madonne Silver of Addis Abeba

Stay at home !

Parents : Rothschild silver / Jade Silver

Birth 10 June 2015

Lady Farmer of Addis Abeba

Léa Silver of Addis Abeba

Stay at home !

Léonard Silver of Addis Abeba (Léo)

Lady Sheley of Addis Abeba (Luna)

Lord Black of AddisAbeba(Loukoum)

Parents : Hasta la vista / Isy White silver

Birth 30 January 2015

Lord Chester of AddisAbeba(Louxor)

Lord Silver of Addis Abeba

Stay at home !