All our cas are free from FIV/FELV, they are tested PRA/PKDEF and have their genetic identification card. They are all of the blood A non-carrier of B. They are vaccinated  Typhus, Leucose, Clamydiose, Coryza and Rage.


Our cars all have a pedigree Loof  (Official Book of the French Origins ) or a certificate of registration for those coming from abroad and Fif (Feline International Federation). We chose our cats for their beauty,for their genealogy but above all for their character.


They are fed the diet Royal Canin dry type as well as dry . We bring some supplements like white cheese and turkey breast…


Our females have three litters over 24 months which suits their mental balance and physical well-being.


The future mothers are isolated in our room (nursery) a fortnight before the birth of the little ones in order to be in calmest and in optimum physical conditions.


            The small ones are gradually introduced with the other cats from two month (age of the first vaccine) so they become socialized.


* Our kittens go to the three month old pups and vaccinated "thypus, corriza, leucose"(rage in case of devanture from French territory) and sterilized.

Contact us for booking conditions.

However sale for reproduction may be possible under certain conditions !

A cat is a  living being and sensitive it is for us very important to know you and know which environment it will grow and live.


Adopting a cat must be a thoughtful act consistent with your lifestyle,it is a heart commitment of an average of 15 years.


                       We wish you a long and happy life with your future baby !
Abyssinian blue silver