Abyssinian history

The Abyssinien has very obscure and mysterious origins, to understand it must go back a little in time and begin with the origins of the domestic cat.

The cars appeared a long time ago and the domestication would have begun between 7500 and 7000 before Jesus Christ. In fact,to protect its cereals crops the man needed the cats.

Genetics has shown that today's domestics cats is closer to the African wild cat,which differs from wild cats in Europe and Asia.

              The Abyssinian would have appeared at random from a cross of two wild species ! He would be born in the South East Asia at the edge of the Indian Ocean ! But many hypotheses confront one another about its real origins.

             In Egypt it is assumed that it descende from the cats of the Pharaoh, because its appearance is similar to some Egyptian sculptures and paintings.Its wild appearance also recalls that of Félix Libica (ancestor of all domestic cats).

            In the 19th century a nécropoles of nearly two hundred thousand mummies of cas was discovered,It was at this moment that the researchers discovered that the Abyssinian and Pharaoh's cats had the same characteristics.

            The Ethiopian hypothesis would be linked only by the name that our dear Abyssinian.And yes, Ethiopia today is actually the abyssinia of our ancestors "a former British colony". 

           It was following a British military expedition during the Abyssinian war that a certain Sir Robert Napier on mission to Addis Abeba brought back the first specimen in Europe knows as Zula.

            The most likely origin would be Southeast Asia where one finds ticked cats.

            One of the things of which we are certain is that the Abyssinian of our day was selected in England in the 19th century.

            The latter were rather round with tabby marks. Then following the Second World War breeders of North America improved the breed to give it the silhouette it has nowadays.

            As we have seen the Abyssinian to very mysterious origins and now he is part of the stars on the rings LOOF, TICA etc…

The Abyssinian has a specific standard for each of the federations.

Nevertheless he must remain graceful,supple with a medium and long muscled body, a slightly curved with a straight back and fine sides , on firm but fine long legs that end in small oval and compact feet. When it modes it should give us the impression, of being on tiptoe. Its tail must be wide enough at the base and fine at the end. It must have a triangular head with soft curves on a reasonably long neck. Eyes in the shape of almond of color gold and green with shades well marked ( intense and uniform ). They also have to be "makeup" in a dash of the color of the base of the dress. Its ears must be large,rounded and well apart without giving the impression of a bat. Plumes are desired.

            Its hair must be markek with a good ticking (several stries of color along the length of the hair ), there must be good resilience. ( The hair comes back in place of itself when caresses with hair back ).

            The base colors are :

-  brown ticked tabby (hare), its dilution is blue. 

-  cinnamon ticked tabby (Sorrel), its dilution is fawn.

They are  also chocolate Abyssinian or lila (its dilution) ticked tabby,  red  or cream (its dilution) ticked tabby.

Counting silvers and torties ,the total number of colors is 28 !

            What is also to be know is that the Abyssinian unfortunately suffers from genetic diseases,the best known being :

 PKdef « Pyruvate Kinase Deficiency » for which there is a DNA test : anemia caused by the degradation of red blood cells.

PRA «Progressive Retinal Atrophy » for which there is a DNA test :as its name indicates the cats affected by this disease lose sight little by little until becoming blind towards the age of 3 to 5 years.


Amyloidosise : disease affecting the liver and especially the kidneys. It is also present in Siamese and Oriental . No DNA test currently exists,research is under way around the world.

           But reassure you,the job of a good professional breeder is the eradication of these diseases, as far as possible,through judicious genetic selections.

                 To conclude I would like to point out that the Abyssinian presents itself as a royal and luminous cat hence its name: THE CAT OF THE SUN !

                   N.B. :The Abyssinian is a cat who likes a lot by his presence,he is active,intelligent and very curious. Sometimes awkward,he likes above all contact with his master. It will give you the smile facing sometimes difficult moments and will jump on you in full sleep…

The Abyssinien is a love of pussy to the big hear,I let you discover this exceptional being through your future Abyssinian!But beware : if you do not want an active cat,then do not take an Abyssinian.




Couleurs chez L'Abyssin

Les même couleurs chez L'Abyssin silver
Les même couleurs chez L'Abyssin silver